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“Not since George Orwell’s Animal Farm/1984 has there been a book more prophetic.”

The FACTS SelfishTruth

Take 2 minutes to change your life?

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“This book the FACTS is dedicated to those willfully ignorant who will refuse to read it.” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS

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“The Facts are a spiritual journey into the cesspool of human selfishness exposing its culprits and consequences like the world has never seen before.” – Matt Tronnier – Author, The FACTS

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The FACTS will prove it…

  • Prove all psychotherapists are unnecessary with The FACTS.

  • Prove Albert Einstein did not understand The FACTS.

  • Prove Billy Graham was missing many of The FACTS.

  • Prove the Dalai Lama could be enlightened by The FACTS.

  • Prove Stephen Hawking wasn’t even close to the Theory of Everything (as the movie about his life is titled). The FACTS are the Theory of Everything.

  • Prove The FACTS to be the most practical book ever written.

  • Prove The FACTS should be a required read for every 14-year-old in the world.

  • Prove The FACTS will make everyone who reads it 1000% more knowledgeable about life than 99% of the world around them.

  • Prove The FACTS conclude that the embarrassing Bill Maher is lovable but a repugnant delusional demon.