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the FACTS: Humanity’s Last Hope

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“The Facts are an incredible spiritual journey not unlike Harry Potter but it’s real. Soaring to the heights of human consciousness, we explore the frequencies of love, peace, and joy and prove they’re real. Real and with purpose. For high above planet Earth, basking in the peace of self-evident truth, It is both you and I that reveal to the world below the cesspool of human selfishness on planet Earth exposing its culprits and consequences like the world has never seen before. We brilliantly challenges the intellectual, while gracefully rescuing the ignorant. We understand that the FACTS are prophetic, not because they foretell the future, but because the future will never be the same because of them. We both understand that countless lives around the world will discover a comforting inner peace through a new simplified, logical, understanding of the world around them. We got this. And somewhere today, in the frequency of Heaven and love just beyond our nose, the angelic conscious souls of C.S. Lewis, and one George Orwell are most certainly smirking, and so are my parents.” – Matt Lambeau – Author, The FACTS

World’s most under-discovered band – The Suburbs

Music is spiritual, all of it. Music is a portal for out conscious soul to enter the lucid dream of the artists. The FACTS are a spiritual journey of similar sort, they’re a portal for our own conscious-soul to enter the frequencies of peace, love and truth. They both take us where we want to go.

My musical influences are a BIG part of who I am. I start with The Suburbs. In my humble opinion, the most under-discovered band in the world, by far. Yes, that’s subjective, but that doesn’t make it inaccurate. No band in the world has taken my conscious-soul into their wonderful bombastic lucid dream more times, countless times, than the Suburbs. Nice job boys, what a fucking ride!

So, check em out, they’re spectacular, you’ll be glad you did. Then buy their music directly from them. Next, Craig Finn…


World’s most under-discovered singer/Songwriter – Craig Finn

Just discovered this dude. Proves not only that “God watches over us”, but this is one big fucking world. This guy’s arguably from my neighborhood, he’s been writing songs for decades, and I now just discovered him? Crazy shit. After roughly 50 years of music zeal, sometimes excessive music zeal (right kids?), I can conclude that it’s Craig Finn that has taken my conscious soul deeper into his lucid dream than any other artist. Of course, all artist move our souls, that’s the magic and the intent, but Craig Finn is by far my favorite trip. It’s amazing. Nice job dude!

World’s most under-discovered song – Get a boat – Rocket Club

So, I should try to enjoy and live life, rather than loath it? OK. What’s next? Simple, get a boat… Any conscious soul in search of themselves must travel down this portal, it’s fucking awesome. Let the boys at Rocket Club take hold of your conscious soul and put it up so high in the frequencies of love, you’ll never want to come down. Still not sure music is a spiritual journey? Listen to this song. Nice job boys, fucking spectacular!

World’s most undiscovered hip Hop band – Dirty Prescott Boys

Stay with it my friend, you got this! This song is fucking awesome!

World’s most  under-discovered country/rock band – Hitchville

I call this simply magical band “the pride of the Twin Cities”.  Yes, there are many great ones from our spiritual portal on this planet, the Twin Cites, but few today that are more deserving, at least in my humble opinion. Hitchville is nothing short of a spiritual journey to the frequencies of love, big time love! And that’s a damn good place to be, trust me, I was just there. It’s magical. 🙂

Are you an intellectual?

The FACTS challenge the intellectual while rescuing the ignorant. Which one are you?

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All intellectuals that provide a qualified Editorial Review (answer 5 questions) for Humanity’s Last Hope will receive one free Suburbs T-shirt. The Suburbs? Fuck ya! The most under-discovered band in the world!