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the FACTS: Humanity’s Last Hope

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“The Facts are an incredible spiritual journey not unlike Harry Potter but it’s real. Soaring to the heights of human consciousness, we explore the frequencies of love, peace, and joy and prove they’re real. Real and with purpose. For high above planet Earth, basking in the peace of self-evident truth, It is both you and I that reveal to the world below the cesspool of human selfishness on planet Earth exposing its culprits and consequences like the world has never seen before. We brilliantly challenges the intellectual, while gracefully rescuing the ignorant. We understand that the FACTS are prophetic, not because they foretell the future, but because the future will never be the same because of them. We both understand that countless lives around the world will discover a comforting inner peace through a new simplified, logical, understanding of the world around them. We got this. And somewhere today, in the frequency of Heaven and love just beyond our nose, the angelic conscious souls of C.S. Lewis, and one George Orwell are most certainly smirking, and so are my parents.” – Matt Lambeau – Author, The FACTS

#1 Lost in the Dream. 
#2 In Reverse.

Before you, and your loved ones, read this read free PDF copy of Humanity’s Last Hope, please listen to both these songs by The War on Drugs. Why? Music is spiritual. All of it. The FACTS are a spiritual journey into the frequency of peace, and these songs help take us there. Why? Indeed all of humanity is “lost in a dream”, and most are going “in reverse”. This understanding might just be Humanity’s Last Hope. Regardless, it all ends with the our own Grand Parade, and that’s where these songs take us. Maybe just what’s best. So, listen these tunes, they’re spectacular. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you. Matt

Are you an intellectual?

The FACTS challenge the intellectual while rescuing the ignorant. Which one are you?

Editorial Review

All intellectuals that provide a qualified Editorial Review (answer 5 questions) for Humanity’s Last Hope will receive one free Suburbs T-shirt. The Suburbs? Fuck ya! The most underrated band in the world.