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Group Overview

  • FACT – Anxiety is not caused by our surroundings. It’s a delusion of the mind.

  • FACT – Drugs and alcohol cause anxiety, they never cure it.

  • FACT – There’s never a reason to be anxious because, truth be told, the rest of the selfish world is only paying attention to itself.

Teenage Problems, Social Issues and Bullying

Know of anyone Ready for a change?

Life is short

Why wait? By simply changing your mind with The Facts, your life will soon follow.

It's different

Why not try something new and innovative? It cost you nothing to learn more about The Facts.

Just Try it

Just try The Facts. If it doesn’t completely change your mind and your life, nothing lost.

“Anxiety is a delusion of the mind. It’s real only in the sense that we are building a facade to hide ill conceived inadequacies but let’s be clear, that wall is nothing but negative energy and can be destroyed in a moment.” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS.