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By the Author

“There is a right, and there is a wrong. And they are clearly established with simple logic and self-evident truth” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS

FACT #2 – Is there a right and wrong in politics?

Truth about selfishness – By the author

“Quantum Physics have proven there is no actual reality, there’s only our individual perceptions of the energy that creates the illusion of reality. So, selfishness in it’s simplest sense, is demanding that others conform to our own perception of reality. Because evil manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness, American liberalism, the demons of coerced conformity, presents the most egregious form of selfishness known to mankind.” Matt Tronnier, Author “The Facts”.

“Freedom is the most precious, yet least abundant, commodity on earth. All human spirits long to be free because freedom, in its simplest sense, is simply the ability to experience one’s own paradigm of reality without the selfish hindrance of others.

One’s freedom can only be usurped by another human being. Usurping another’s freedom, I.e., needlessly hindering another’s paradigm of reality, is selfish. Selfishness, in its simplest sense, is manipulating others to conform to our own paradigm of reality. Selfish manipulation comes in different forms. The most egregious form is that of contrived-compassion.

Human sanctimony in the name of compassion, fairness, or equality, I.e., Communism, Socialism, and today’s American Liberalism, has been, and always will be, the most dangerous form of selfishness known to man. For centuries, billions of people across the globe have had their lives grossly destroyed by another man’s pseudo-sanctimonious contrived-compassion. With a complicit media, academia, and an insatiable dependency state, a diabolical deception has been unleashed by this cruel ideology that manipulates unwitting minds to exchange freewill for superficial-security.

The war between Good vs. Evil has always been, and will always be, a war between the government and the governed. I.e., the powerful and their accomplices encroaching upon the freedom and prosperity of the people.

True compassion never requires manipulation or coercion. True compassion, by definition of self-evident truth, comes only in one form. This one form is absolute, unambiguous, and cannot be misconstrued, diminished, or embellished by any other purpose, ulterior motive, or clandestine human intent. Compassion, in ethical, spiritual, physical, and political terms, comes ONLY in the unyielding desire to initiate, expand, and foster that of another man’s faith, freedom, and fortune. Any other interpretation or designation is not compassion, but selfish. 

Contemporary American liberalism, the latest pseudo sanctimonious ideology to attempt manipulation of the masses, epitomizes this dangerous disposition. Freedom must heed the warning. Never in the history of humanity have such privileged human beings had more entitlement, unbridled power, self-serving motive, and insidious capability to abridge the God-given freewill of other human beings in America and around the world. It’s not necessarily the people who have been duped, the unwitting partakers that blindly support the cause, it’s the privileged, those that command, exploit, and perpetrate.

Like all of its authoritarian predecessors, the inherent coerced-collectivism mandate that infests the liberal ideology creates an epidemic of ignorance that cannot be reasoned with, appeased, or capitulated to, it can only be defeated. Now that the tyranny of liberalism has deeply infested the fabric of American culture, the only hope for a free America, and those that seek freedom throughout the world, to defeat this cantankerous ideology without bloodshed at the ballot box. However, as we just witnessed in the 2020 American election, unadulterated evil has never succumbed to the rule of law nor elections for that matter. Therefore, it’s likely if not imminent that freedom’s last stand, not only Americans but the entire free world, will ultimately be determined by the foresight and wisdom the founding fathers who prophetically demanded our constitution include the 2nd amendment” – Matt Tronnier – Author “The Facts”