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Dedication to the WILF

“Willful ignorance is an unfortunate but epidemic form of selfishness, and that will be confirmed within these pages..” – Matt Tronnier, Author

FACT #14 – Are ALL liberals selfish WILFS?

Dedication to the WILF – We dedicate this book to those that won’t read it because we must bring attention to the selfish that will ignore the facts. Those selfish back on earth that simply don’t care about learning, improving life on earth, or those that mistakenly think they care, but are simply unwilling to make the effort. You see, ignorance is a choice. We choose not to listen or care using our free will. In that case, this is an actual selfish phenomenon that’s described using the term “willful ignorance”.

We are all willfully ignorant at times. That is a right bestowed by God and we all exercise that right. So, now that you and I are dead, we would like to use our God given right to dedicate this book to those who won’t read it. Yep, those of you still alive back on earth that just read this sentence and will now find any reason not to read the rest of the book. For it is you, one of the world’s willfully ignorant, that has albeit unwittingly, contributed to the world’s confusion, its strife, and its degradation. That’s not necessarily a castigation of blame, it’s just an accurate observation and a confirmed truth about selfishness.

(Willful Ignorance: Too selfish to listen, learn, or even care)

To take our dedication to ignorance a step further, we dedicate this book to the entire 2020 pandemic of willful ignorance. Truly, there is no cause more worthy. Again, we understand, we are all willfully ignorant at times. All of us. So, this book is dedicated to just those willfully ignorant that will refuse to consider the wisdom within these pages. Yes, those of you reading these words right now that will find any reason suffice enough to put this book down and not finish reading it. With great disappointment but no surprise, we accept your decision.

“There comes a time when you must choose between turning the page and closing the book”. – Josh Jameson

Why dedicate this book to willful ignorance? Willful ignorance is an unfortunate but epidemic form of selfishness, and that will be confirmed within these pages. That’s not an insult, it’s an accurate assessment of truth. We are all willfully ignorant in some regard and in some cases, rightfully so. Some understand calculus, others don’t and are not inclined to do so. That’s willful ignorance and of course in this case, it’s not an insult or selfish.

There are, however, some topics of which we should care. Topics where our willful ignorance is harmful to others. They say, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”. While this might be trued in some cases, what you don’t know can certainly hurt others.

So, here’s our fair warning, if you willfully ignore the facts contained in this book, the moment after your death, you will come to realize that your willful ignorance, I.e., your indifference to the importance of truth that affects others, was an egregious form of selfishness and made you a danger to the rest of humanity. Yep, a danger. And for that, you will be forced to witness the ripple effect and consequences that your seemingly insignificant selfish actions contributed to the detriment in the lives of your fellow human beings.

Here’s why. The word “ignorance” is derived from the root word “ignore”.

  • (willful: having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects)
  • (ignorance: lack of knowledge or information)
  • (ignore: refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally)

Wilful ignorance harms others. Period.

Fact: The world is full of WILFs “Willfully Ignorant Lost Fools”.

Now that we understand ignorance is a choice, and those that choose ignorance are willful in doing so, we need to simplify yet capture the true essence of this form of selfishness called “willful ignorance”. So, from this point forward, as our term of endearment for those ignorant human beings that we must still love and tolerate, we will be using the acronym WILF throughout the book. Here is the definition.

Willfully Ignorant Lost Fool

WILF Willfully Ignorant Lost Fool – noun: Any human being who is selfishly unwilling to care or accept truth because of the inconvenience it causes in their own life, thus making them a fool whose ignorance has become a danger to the rest of the free world.

Don’t be a WILF.