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Alcohol & Drugs

Group Overview

  • FACT – Breaking any addiction can be accomplished in three days. No matter how long that takes.

  • FACT – There are only two paths to recovery, one of deprivation, the other of purpose.

  • FACT – Life is simply a lucid-dream where you determine if your life’s going to be a beach or a bitch.


Know of anyone Ready for a change?

Life is short

Why wait? By simply changing your mind with The Facts, your life will soon follow.

It's different

Why not try something new and innovative? It cost you nothing to learn more about The Facts.

Just Try it

Just try The Facts. If it doesn’t completely change your mind and your life, nothing lost.

“Addiction is not a disease, it’s a state of mind. More accurately, it’s a delusion, a lie, a negative cesspool of deception. Sobriety is ONLY accomplished through self-evident truth. The truth will ALWAYS set you free” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS