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You are Dead…

And so am I. We did not see it coming. The both of us were just standing on the same street corner waiting when the car careened out of control and crushed us both to death. No advanced warning, no chance to escape, no consideration for our loved ones, and as it seems, no remorse. Nope, life’s over.

It turns out the process of dying is rather simple. One moment we are in our human body, the next moment we’re not. We just slip painlessly into a different world. In this new world, one thing immediately becomes crystal clear; the human spirit does live on after we die. There is no more debate about that. The two of us just got crushed standing on a street corner and now we are more alive and conscious than ever.

It now seems kind of silly that we once wondered what happens when we die. I mean, why would life end after death? Just gazing into the night sky, even a simple mind would conclude it’s rather obvious that there must be more to life. The stars beg the questions, why would we live but never get the chance to understand? Why bring humanity together just to have death tear us apart? Why would we be able to wonder about these things in the first place? Now that we’re dead, it sure seems silly that we once thought it might all come to an end.

Well, at least that debate has now been settled. The skeptics of life-after-death back on earth are wrong, dead wrong. The two of us are now living proof of what billions of people already believe, there is life after death, our human spirit does indeed separate from our body and we are alive. In fact, we are more alive than ever!

About you

I don’t know much about you. Even though we just died together, I didn’t happen to notice who you were before the accident. I’m not sure if you are young or old, and even though both of our spirits are now floating right above the accident scene, I still can’t tell.

The accident scene is frightening. Your head is all but decapitated and your lifeless body is mangled just lying in a pool of blood. People have rushed to the scene, but they look away in horror when they see how your face has been crushed like a stomped pumpkin. I can’t determine anything else about you other than you definitely took the worst of the impact. My lifeless body doesn’t look much better but at least I can tell it’s me. What I do know about you is that your human life is over. If you were young, I know you didn’t get a chance to live your dreams, and if you were older, I hope you had a chance to live your dreams.

Either way, both of us didn’t get an opportunity to finish our lives, or even say goodbye to our loved ones. Whatever our plans we had for today obviously don’t matter anymore, and whatever our plans were for the rest of our lives, well, that matters even less. Human life is over for both of us. And at this point, wishing we had more time with our loved ones on earth is as senseless as wishing we’d won the lotto. It’s plain and simply pointless. All we can do now is think of what could have been.

Take a moment right now and let that set in… Like it or not, your dead. Your time on earth is over…

And it is now YOU and me that will be writing this book together. One more time. You are now dead. I’m dead. So, now together we write this book to make our mark on the rest of humanity.

About me

The tattoo back on my now severed and bloodied arm at the accident scene says, “Change your mind… Change your life.” I tattooed this statement to my arm for posterity because, before my death, I was a walking testimonial of this simple but miraculous truth.

I had a good life. I was born into a family with two loving parents and seven children. My dad was a barber and my mom stayed at home, so we didn’t have much money or material things, but we never really noticed. Looking back now, our fortune was the love that swarmed us.

More recently, I was married to a beautiful wife and had four incredible children of my own, two girls and two boys. The love in our home was also incredible. That’s what made some of life’s challenges tolerable.

The game-changer that rocked my world was a five-year battle with alcoholism. Like most alcoholics, I lost the war, and as is usually the case, I came dangerously close to losing everything that meant the most to me. After my third round of alcohol treatment, other things eventually became more important than a 12 pack of Miller Lite and I sobered up.

Having changed my mind, my life was soon to follow. And this transformation meant I now found myself totally intrigued with the meaning and purpose of my life. This was unusual for me. As someone who really could give a rat’s ass about anything in life, I was now unmistakably compelled to learn more about a host of topics like spirituality, religion, current events, politics, physics, etc. Topics that a reasonable amount of people have interest, but few feel compelled to dig for answers.

It was a remarkable transformation. I now found myself digging for brilliant authors like Stephen Hawking and became enamored with the simplicity of the answers I was discovering. Practical answers that I now understood, that contributed to my peace, but answers of which I was certain that others had most likely not yet discovered. I concluded that there was something called “practical understanding”. This means there are answers to certain questions, questions that are more important than others, that lead to new understandings that have the most impact on our peace in life. I was finding answers, answers to questions that we all genuinely care about, we know they matter, but we typically don’t take the time to find out for sure. I was finding answers that changed my mind, and my life was changing along with it.

So, I got that tattooed one day so that I’d never forget. Now back on earth, my wife and my two daughters have a tattoo that states the same phrase. Changing your mind is the first step to changing your life. I knew that when I was alive, and now because of my death, you too will soon recognize with crystal clarity that the life you live is a byproduct of the thoughts in your mind.

So change your mind, change your life.

Change your mind, change your life.

It’s not clear who first came up with this concept “Change your mind, change your life”, but the first time I heard this statement was in a John Mellencamp song called “Your Life is Now”. It’s a great tune about how your life is “now” and it’s your turn to make a difference in the world. Mellencamp actually sings “change your mind, change our lives” but the premise remains the same. That is, if you change your mind, you change your life, and as Mellencamp implies, because your life changes, other lives also change.

And of course, our lives now are over, but those back on earth, there life is NOW.

The statement “Change your mind, change your life” is much more profound than understood at first glance. At first glance, it seems clever and somewhat obvious. However, if we look at the idiosyncrasies of the mind, perception, and thought, then explore the ramifications or consequences of these perceptions and thoughts on the realities of life, this becomes a statement of absolute brilliance. It’s brilliant because for all practical purposes, our mind, or our thoughts in our mind, are creating our realities, and it’s those realities that then create the lives we live. Your thoughts create your reality, because what we state to the universe, the universe responds in kind. So, change your mind, change your life. Simple, but profound.

Another way to visualize this is to accept that every moment in our life, every nanosecond of our existence, is a monumental fork in the road. It’s this way or that, period.  We become our thoughts, so every thought changes the road we travel and we end up in a different destination. When we changed our mind, we took a different fork in the road, and our lives were changed forever.

So, as you read these words today, at this very moment, your life is now, and it will no longer be the same as it would have been. When you finish this sentence, and turn to the next page, or if you quit right now, your life will invariably be changed forever. Yep, your life on earth is right now.

“Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end-result.” ― Kevin Michel

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

Now is your time. Change your mind, change your life.

The Afterlife

In a nanosecond, somehow, we go from hovering over the gruesome scene of our death to floating thousands of miles above the earth. It’s like someone snapped their fingers and we magically relocated. It’s kind of like the old TV shows “I Dream of Jeannie” or “Bewitched”, where they magically appear somewhere else. Or if you are younger, it’s like the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg. Or if you are really young, it’s like Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

So, it wasn’t like we moved from here to there, we just were there, and now we’re just here.

It seems our spirits, or what’s probably more accurately called our “consciousness”, or what one back on earth would describe as the “energy or intelligence that was within our body when we were alive”, have become two orbs of light. We are a decent distance apart but somehow, we still feel united as one. That is, now our thoughts are similar or at least on the same sort of wavelength. We both know what the other is thinking, and we seem to be thinking the same thing. It seems we are part of the same energy field where information flows freely. It’s an electromagnetic grid or electrostatic cloud of some sort that’s comprised of intelligence.

Even though we just died, there is no sense of fear, just complete peace. Actually, it’s an indescribable peace, a perfect peace that surpasses all other, one that we’ve never experienced before. Completely enveloped in an amazing sort of peace, we’re just slowly floating through space experiencing what appears to be some sort of inexplicable afterlife adventure.

The view of the universe after we’re dead is incredible! Billions of stars once invisible from below now blanket the empty trillions of miles in all directions. In the distance, the entire earth is visible with its glowing blue atmosphere slowly spinning through the darkness. The sun can be seen peeking over the horizon illuminating just a sliver of the planet where over six billion human beings are currently living their lives. And more astonishing, over 100 billion people have previously lived and died just like the two of us.

Turns out when we die, not only do we remain alive, but it’s incredibly more intense. They call it “dying” but it’s more like waking up. Nothing goes dark, it just gets brighter. It’s like we were living life in a dark cave for years and then just walk out into the morning sun.

This God’s eye view creates the most surreal feeling that we’ve ever experienced. For once in our fast-paced crazy life, nothing else is important except this single most incredible moment in time. Our past and future disappear because what was, and what will be, no longer matters or even exists. All that matters now is this incredible view and our new perspective looking down on the incredible planet below.

While floating free, we feel compelled, or it’s some sort of natural occurrence, for us to take this incredible moment contemplate the purpose and meaning of our existence. The fact that we’re still alive and conscious is mind-boggling but more astonishing is the clarity of understanding. For once, the elusive meaning and purpose of our human lives comes into perfect focus. We now see our life, and everyone else’s life, from a whole new perspective, a mountain top perspective, from God’s perspective.

And it all makes perfect sense. From this perch in space, everything that was unbearable in life now seems so trivial and small. Life’s big dilemmas now seem simple. For once, the complicated unbearable parts of human existence seem to be with purpose and make complete, rational sense.

Heightened Awareness

Our awareness is heightened. This is obvious and true. Our consciousness, or our perception of the spiritual world around us, gets heightened and becomes more observant or perceptive than ever. In essence, we feel so alive and awake that our previous consciousness, that as a human being walking the earth, seems like we were in a dense fog or sleepwalking. In other words, when we die, our body is discarded but our consciousness lives on and gains an incredible heightened ability to understand. We’ve become brilliant so to speak, brilliant to where the most complicated questions as a human being on earth now become simple answers.

This heightened consciousness makes us incredibly more receptive to a new kind of knowledge or wisdom. It’s not just wisdom, but much more. It’s this massive flow of profound, unimpeded wisdom that easily surpasses the most brilliant thinkers on earth. It’s like we’re in a class of thousand “Einsteins”, yet we are smarter than everyone, including the teacher.

This incredible flow of new wisdom is pouring into us, but the new information is not of the “unnecessary” sort. Nope. This new wisdom contains nothing irrelevant like some statistics or trivia type stuff. This extraordinary wisdom provides only answers to the most complicated and relevant questions that human beings back on earth would care about most. It’s a type of wisdom where it’s seemingly irrefutable, and more importantly, we recognize that we’ve always known it to be true. But that truth was confused by misinformation on earth. In other words, the “actual” truth makes its way through the fog of deception and becomes crystal clear for us to acknowledge.

It’s basically God’s wisdom, or the ultimate in truth. It’s a self-evident truth.

It’s a bit overwhelming to say the least. It’s this massive flow of the most brilliant wisdom just pouring through us like we’re a storm pipe after a flooding rain. And it seems it will never stop. The wisdom flow is this constant water rushing through the storm pipe at full capacity, and there is still street full of water waiting to enter! The flood of wisdom is so great, it’s like the energy field that keeps us conscious is information or intelligence itself, or that the energy of consciousness is sustained by knowledge.

The remarkable part is that it’s all simultaneous. That is, it’s flowing like water through a pipe, but we are getting the answers at the exact same time we get the test. But there is no test. Maybe it’s better described as the answers proceed the question. It’s kind of like the quiz show Jeopardy, we understand the answer and then the question fits the answer. It’s just like this, wisdom is flooding into our consciousness with answers to only the most important questions, seemingly before or at the same time the actual question enters our mind. If we think about it, how else would “finally understanding” the meaning and purpose of life unfold? We live our lives wondering about the reason for life and now it’s our turn to understand, so it makes total sense that finally understanding would occur in this spectacular manner.

This might help. One profound thinker on earth put it this way. “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” ― Voltaire.  Maybe Voltaire was more accurate about this process than we know. This means it’s the questions that determine the individual’s intellect, not the answer. The premise seems backwards, so it describes nicely the seemingly backwards way that you and I are acquiring knowledge after our death.

It’s simply incredible. The sheer volume of the information flow is exhaustively overwhelming, yet somehow, we can retain every drop. As the stream of crystal-clear answers are flowing through us, the entire veil of uncertainty, the uncertainty that we were accustomed to as a human being on earth, is lifted. No longer do we experience any of the confusion that we wrestled with trying to learn as human beings on earth. It now just all makes complete sense.


As we gain immense wisdom, again it’s only of a particular scope. The newfound wisdom pertains only to what’s most important in life. As it turns out, all of human existence can be whittled down to one all-important fundamental. This one fundamental supersedes all others as it pertains to all human life on planet earth. That fundamental is selfishness.

Seems simple enough right? It’s much more than simple. In fact, everything we have come to understand in our entire lives as human beings on planet earth is affected not to a small degree, but to an astronomical degree by the selfishness within ourselves or others. Selfishness within us or others is the only cause of all pain and suffering on earth. Selfishness ruins lives. Selfishness destroys families. Selfishness needlessly kills animals, destroys the environment, enslaves, it’s the root of all that’s bad in the world.

Seems simple enough, but most if not all of humanity back on earth has no idea that this is the case. Well, because of our death, we will now make that crystal clear to all who read our book.

Most back on earth might have heard something like “selfishness is the root of all evil” or something like that when the topic of selfishness arises. That’s wrong. Selfishness is not the root of all evil. Turns out, selfishness the result of evil. That’s a crucial distinction and what’s most profound about this new discovery. It’s evil that manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness, and not the other way around. Those that are selfish are doing so because some force of energy is convincing them that it is they that are more important than the people, animals, or environment that surrounds them.

So, it’s now all perfectly clear. Because we are now dead, we are immersed in wisdom all limited to the single most important fundamental to mankind, selfishness. We are inundated with answers that confirm truth about selfishness.

And now, we shall impart that wisdom for the benefit of humanity still living on the blue planet below.

The acronym the “facts”

What seems simple to us because we are dead, is not necessarily so simple for those still alive on earth. So, we came up with a concept that will help the mortal mind back on earth understand. The world is full of confusion because there’s a billion stimuli fighting for the brain’s attention. Therefore, we need to cut through the irrelevant matter and help humanity understand and believe what’s most important to their lives. To accomplish that we’ve decided to call our new discovery the “facts”.

The “facts” is an acronym for Finding Answers that Confirm Truth about Selfishness”. This means the facts are derived from “confirmed truth”, or what’s called self-evident truth. Like all facts, they are not altered by opinion, they are absolute and cannot be diminished, embellished, or refuted.

The facts discussed in the book are narrowed to only those that are most important and impact our lives the most. What’s most important and impacts our lives the most? Selfishness. So, expect zero trivial or insignificant content.

The facts that pertain to selfishness are what we call “supernatural” facts. Supernatural facts supersede all other “physical” facts of human perception, and in most cases, supernatural facts subordinate physical facts to that of trivial fodder.

This new unbridled supernatural understanding of selfishness will be presented to all with crystal clarity and irrefutable certainty from this point forward. So, when the term “facts” is used, it represents all the combined wisdom in this book as a whole, not just the individual topic about selfishness at hand.

So again, the facts are absolute answers to just the most important questions that humanity has pondered for generations. It’s not answers to all questions, but just answers to only the most important questions, and those all pertain to selfishness. We will now provide answers to questions that if understood by all human beings on planet earth, would invariably change the world for the better.

Example: Selfishness is the cause of all pain and suffering on earth. Therefore, understanding the phenomenon of selfishness, and then identifying the selfish, is the most reasonable, and arguably the only way to make the world a better place for all.

With these facts, every human being on the planet will have a new, more accurate, perspective of the world around them, and they will all become better people and live much better lives. And of course, the world itself will become a better place.

Dedication to Willful Ignorance

Next, we must bring attention to those that will ignore the facts that we’ve just discovered. Those back on earth that simply don’t care about learning, improving life on earth, or those that do care but are simply unwilling to make the effort. You see, ignorance is a choice. We choose not to listen or care using our free will. In that case, this is an actual selfish phenomenon that’s described using the term “willful ignorance”.

We are all willfully ignorant at times. That is a right bestowed by God and we all exercise that right. So, now that you and I are dead, we would like to use our God given right to dedicate this book to those who won’t read it. Yep, those of you still alive back on earth that just read this sentence and will now find any reason not to read the rest of the book. For it is you, one of the world’s willfully ignorant, that has albeit unwittingly, contributed to the world’s confusion, its strife, and its degradation. That’s not necessarily a castigation of blame, it’s just an accurate observation and a confirmed truth about selfishness.

(Willful Ignorance: Too selfish to listen, learn, or even care)

To take our dedication to ignorance a step further, we dedicate this book to the entire 2020 pandemic of willful ignorance. Truly, there is no cause more worthy. Again, we understand, we are all willfully ignorant at times. All of us. So, this book is dedicated to just those willfully ignorant that will refuse to consider the wisdom within these pages. Yes, those of you reading these words right now that will find any reason suffice enough to put this book down and not finish reading it. With great disappointment but no surprise, we accept your decision.

“There comes a time when you must choose between turning the page and closing the book”. – Josh Jameson

Why dedicate this book to willful ignorance? Willful ignorance is an unfortunate but epidemic form of selfishness, and that will be confirmed within these pages. That’s not an insult, it’s an accurate assessment of truth. We are all willfully ignorant in some regard and in some cases, rightfully so. Some understand calculus, others don’t and are not inclined to do so. That’s willful ignorance and of course in this case, it’s not an insult or selfish.

There are, however, some topics of which we should care. Topics where our willful ignorance is harmful to others. They say, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”. While this might be trued in some cases, what you don’t know can certainly hurt others.

So, here’s our fair warning, if you willfully ignore the facts contained in this book, the moment after your death, you will come to realize that your willful ignorance, I.e., your indifference to the importance of truth that affects others, was an egregious form of selfishness and made you a danger to the rest of humanity. Yep, a danger. And for that, you will be forced to witness the ripple effect and consequences that your seemingly insignificant selfish actions contributed to the detriment in the lives of your fellow human beings.

Here’s why. The word “ignorance” is derived from the root word “ignore”.

  • (willful: having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects)
  • (ignorance: lack of knowledge or information)
  • (ignore: refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally)

Wilful ignorance harms others. Period.

Fact: The world is full of WILFs “Willfully Ignorant Lost Fools”.

Now that we understand ignorance is a choice, and those that choose ignorance are willful in doing so, we need to simplify yet capture the true essence of this form of selfishness called “willful ignorance”. So, from this point forward, as our term of endearment for those ignorant human beings that we must still love and tolerate, we will be using the acronym WILF throughout the book. Here is the definition.

Willfully Ignorant Lost Fool

WILF Willfully Ignorant Lost Fool – noun: Any human being who is selfishly unwilling to care or accept truth because of the inconvenience it causes in their own life, thus making them a fool whose ignorance has become a danger to the rest of the free world.

Don’t be a WILF.

Subjective and self-evident truth (Pg. 45)

How do we establish truth and how can one truth supersede another? Generally, truth is established based on something. That is, there must be a reference point. It’s like this, “That’s true because of this…”. This means that some truths can take various forms. This is what we call “subjective” truth. Subjective truth can be based on the bible, the constitution, or what our parents told us when we were young.

(subjective: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. dependent on the mind or on an individual’s perception for its existence)

On the other hand, some truths cannot be refuted. This is called “self-evident” truth.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident”! America’s founding fathers used this concept at the outset of the Declaration of Independence with clear purpose: What’s true is not always self-evidently true. The founding fathers recognized they needed to establish a difference between what the British considered true, and what America considered true, by establishing what’s self-evidently true. Furthermore, they wanted to establish what the divine, common sense, reason, evidence, and every other iota of sensibilities would deem to be true.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

What’s considered true by some is not always self-evidently true. We must establish the difference between “subjective” and “self-evident” truth so we can establish the facts and clearly recognize the difference.

These definitions will be somewhat difficult to understand at this point because it uses language that’s explained later in the book. However, it’s important to at least address the topic at the outset.

  • Subjective truth – Based on our understanding, experiences, and emotions as a human being experiencing our lives to date. It is the compilation of all the filtered energy we have encountered to this point. The subjective truth is based on individual perception of reality, so it includes energy that doesn’t exist, that from the past or the future. It’s this “subjective truth” that forms most of our beliefs, including our mistaken inexorable beliefs, and which in turn leads to our opinions.
  • Self-evident truth – Based on irrefutable evidence, statistical probability, and rational reason of which no human being can disprove. It is of divine energy that exists only in the now.

Subjective truth is conditional truth, thus conditional truth is synonymous with subjective truth. Subjective truth is based on personal circumstances or individual perceptions of reality. No two human beings experience the same reality so no two human beings have the same subjective truth. That is, the realities that we endure are the sum total of our experiences (energy in and out) to that period in time. Everything in our reality, everything, is perceived differently by someone else.

Example: Politics of subjective truth. People who want a “free” country, typically think what conservatives say is true. People who want a “fair” country, typically think what liberals say is true. These people will disagree until the end of time while not realizing they both are relying on “subjective” truth to support their beliefs.

On the other hand, a self-evident truth would be: America is exceptional not because it has the most freedom, but rather because it has the provision (2nd amendment) and strength (armed citizens) to more so defend freedom from those that would seek to abridge that endowed right.

Both types of truth can be based on evidence, but only self-evident truth is of the comprehensive nature where everything in all of creation fits together in a logical, systematic, irrefutable way. Only self-evident truth is supported by the facts.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha

The Buddha is close to accurate. He misses the larger point by not acknowledging the different types of truth. The facts uncover and help us all recognize self-evident truth. The difficult part will be for us to “accept” that self-evident truth once it’s discovered because we have misunderstood, based on our unique, individual perceptions of reality, for so long.

Once again, self-evident truth it’s an irrefutable truth so irrefutable truth is synonymous with self-evident truth. Self-evident truth is irrefutable because it’s derived from a multitude of conformations like common sense, evidence, rationale, instinct etc. It tends to be something that we come to realize that we already knew was true without persuasion. In other words, we are rarely surprised when we recognize self-evident truth because well, it’s self-evident and we all ready understood it was true. Self-evident truth remains true even if we don’t like it or agree. We might disagree with it, I.e. “The universe began with a Big Bang”, but we can’t refute it with evidence.

The facts that we will soon share with the world below are based on self-evident truth, and we assure you that you, the reader, will disagree with a lot of it. When that happens, rather than react and throw the book aside, take a moment and think about it. Can you refute it with evidence?

So, self-evident truth, or the facts, is where conventional understanding would concur, or what common sense would dictate, or most importantly, what simple minded human beings would come to recognize they already understood it to be true. It’s a truth where the evidence suggests that something is true, conventional understanding suggests that it’s true, and common-sense dictates that it’s true, thus all of humanity comes to realize they’ve always known it was true and now they find a certain peace in accepting that truth.

In summary, the facts in this book are derived from “self-evident truth” (objective ways of thinking based on reason). It’s a divine truth of which there would be no human disagreement. By contrast, human beings back on earth have a consciousness that is accustomed to a “subjective truth” (subjective ways of thinking based on emotion, etc.). That is, truth on earth is subject to our individual perceptions of reality which are derived from our own unique earthly experiences. So, because not one perception of reality is the same, not one subjective-truth will be the same. And an obvious conclusion would be that subjective truth is why earthlings disagree on most things.

“Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Amen to that.

Fact: Some beliefs or theories are simply wrong. (pg. 57)

Can we eventually eliminate some beliefs because they can be proven to be wrong? Absolutely. Accepting that “all beliefs” or “all theories” should be afforded credibility without critical analysis a terrible idea and it can be dangerous. This is because most human beliefs are what’s called “constructs”. These construct beliefs have drawn conclusions that empirical evidence would suggest is not true. It’s dangerous because if humanity continues to allow unsubstantiated beliefs to supersede the truth, it will inevitably lead to our demise. That’s a big claim but as the facts unfold, that will become self-evidently true.

As compassionate human beings, we like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We like to accept that everyone is “entitled to their opinion”. However, some beliefs are not opinions. Some beliefs become selfish mandates toward others (coerced collectivism, we will learn more later) and are often used as unscrupulous indoctrination of the unwitting. In these cases, they can become extremely dangerous.

So before we begin to think we’re right in our beliefs, let’s think to ourselves, how did we derive our opinions or come to believe what we believe?

  • Did we read the books?
  • Did our parents tell us?
  • Our teachers?
  • The news?
  • The bible?
  • Were we forced to believe as we believe?
  • Why do we think what we believe is true?
  • Are we 100% certain that what we believe is correct?
  • Are we more certain that what we think others believe is incorrect?
  • Are we more certain about what we think is true or are we more certain that we’re not sure what’s true?

Asking ourselves these questions is just an exercise to open our minds to let the self-evident truth flow in, and to ultimately let that truth become an inexorable belief (learn more on this later). We find self-evident truth by first accepting that some beliefs are simply wrong. That’s a good thing and it’s important to recognize. We agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion but not everyone is entitled to the truth. And that separating truth from fiction is going to be easy with the facts.

Fact: Proof is only established through demonstrable behavior (pg. 64)

Words mean NOTHING. Proof or evidence is a derivative only of observable or demonstrable behavior. So, an “individual’s credibility” is established only by observable behavior of that individual, not what they’ve spoken in words. As we move forward, we will discover that spoken words are simply energy that is not part of the electromagnetic scale, meaning they have little value within the universe we navigate and the construct of our perceived realities (Confusing yes. We’ll understand this statement a little later).

Let’s state this again for crystal clear understanding. The “truth”, or self-evident “truth”, can only be established by demonstrable behavior, not words. Words mean nothing. Demonstrable, or observable behavior is an action that does not include speaking.

Examples: People always say “lead by example”, “practice what you preach”, etc. If someone claims in spoken words again and again that “they are concerned for poor people” yet they do truly little to physically help poor people, then not only do they have zero credibility, the self-evident truth is that they do NOT help poor people. They are what human beings call a hypocrite. And as we will soon learn, term like compassion, love, and forgiveness, are not based on emotions as conventional wisdom would suggest, they require demonstrable actions to become true.

The credibility of the facts is derived only from demonstrable evidence. That is, truth, right and wrong, and the facts, could care a less what is said, until it’s proven with demonstrable behavior.

Credibility comes from results. Everything else is just marketing.” ― Richie Norton

Correct! Credibility, and/or truth is never by established by spoken word. It can only be established by demonstrable observation, tangible proof, and then identifiable manifestation.

Fact: The world is engulfed in a narrative that’s deceptive and evil (pg. 79)

This won’t make complete sense at this point in the book but we must expose deception for the world to see. The timing is perfect and unprecedented in history. Today, because of an egregiously corrupt American media, we now have two competing and mutually exclusive narratives. One real, one Orwellian (George Orwell, 1984) and fake. We don’t have a discussion of two sides of the same story anymore, it’s two completely different stories. The narratives have parted ways. One narrative is fact, the other fiction. One is derived from logic, the other from emotion. One brings prosperity, the other poverty, one breeds hope, the other despair, etc.

It’s plain to see, but only if one is apprised of this duel-narrative reality. And unfortunately today on earth, that’s not the case. Even though the contrast between the real and Orwellian narratives is stark and seemingly obvious, most of our nation is undecided, confused, and increasingly succumbing to fiction over the facts.

Orwellian Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.

George Orwell – Author Animal Farm/1984 (Eric Arthur Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic. His work is characterized by lucid prose, biting social criticism, opposition to totalitarianism, and outspoken support of democratic socialism.

Effectively circumventing or superseding this confusing dichotomy between dual-narratives now is of dire importance because never has the fate of America, and the entire free world, hung more so in the balance. Today, elections are won and lost by very slim margins, and like so many other authoritarian countries around the world, America is dangerously close to an irreversible slide from fact into the abyss of fiction rivaling no less than George Orwell’s 1984 dystopia. It’s easy to see why. The simple-minds in America today, or WILFs, those friends of ours that foolishly don’t have the time or inclination to utterly understand the difference between narratives, no longer know what to believe nor what’s even true anymore. They suffer from confusion and in many cases delusion. That’s a problem of biblical proportions for God’s country because it’s these undecideds, uninformed, simple-minds that provide the swing votes that ultimately control the fate of America.

Fact: Self-evident truth, the facts, will save the world (pg. 12)

We must unite the world around self-evident truth, the facts, so our differences can be reconciled. Again, every word in this book can also be substantiated with countless real-life examples and the practical understanding contained could change the world as we know it. This book could free the world of tyrants, it could create prosperity for billions of people, but most importantly it could give all of humanity a collective inner peace through a new understanding.

That’s one BOLD statement. Think we can’t?

Wouldn’t that be a nice contribution to the world? Yes, it would. Let’s make a few more bold statements so you, the one reading these words, can decide for yourself after you’ve finished the book if we have attained what we’ve promised. The facts in this book will accomplish the following:

  • Become universally agreed the most practical book ever written!
  • Eliminate the need for all psychotherapists saving poor people billions of dollars.
  • Prove Albert Einstein did not understand the facts.
  • Prove Billy Graham was missing a crucial fact.
  • Prove he Dalai Lama could be enlightened by the facts.
  • Prove Stephen Hawking wasn’t even close to the Theory of Everything (as the movie about his life is titled). The facts are the Theory of Everything.
  • Prove this book should be a required read for every 14 year-old in the world.
  • Prove those that read the facts will be 1000% more knowledgeable about life than 99% of the world around them.
  • Prove Bill Maher is lovable but a repugnant delusional demon.

This new understanding of the facts will pull back the curtain of mystery in this world and reveal the true purpose for all of humankind.

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” – Marianne Williamson

The physics of selfishness

Fact: Selfishness permeates our physical world (pg. 49)

One cannot understand the phenomenon of selfishness unless they understand how a “phenomenon” can occur in the first place. In the physical realm or natural world, selfishness in its most basic sense is defined as “demanding that others conform to our own perception of reality”. We will learn more about this later. For now, suffice to say that discoveries in quantum physics have proven there is not just one reality, there’s only our own perception of reality. This means there is an individual reality for each one of us. And selfishness, in the physical sense, is simply demanding that others conform to our own subjective, not self-evident, truth. Furthermore, to accomplish making others conform to our own perception of reality, Orwellian doublespeak, or deception, is a dastardly tactic used by the selfish.

So, by understanding the physics of perception, I.e. In its most basic form, everything in the perceivable world is simply energy by which the human being navigates its human existence, we can illustrate to the WILF just how the selfish use deception and other sinister tactics to gain our conformity to their realities.

The spirituality of selfishness

Fact: Evil manifests itself on earth through human selfishness (pg. 50)

There is either a spiritual or supernatural part of human existence or there is not. It’s one way or the other. Period. Many have not contemplated it in this one-way-or-the-other absolute. We shall soon discover that all the evidence known to mankind supports the conclusion that the supernatural, or spiritual world exists. It can be proven. And in this spiritual world, there is a battle waging between good and evil.

So, in this regard, in the spiritual sense, selfishness is best defined as” the manifestation of evil on planet earth”. Evil, or what’s not good, manifests itself on planet earth through human selfishness. By understanding the spiritual phenomenon of selfishness as defined, we can easily isolate and expose the most egregious forms of selfishness. In doing so, diabolical manifestations of selfishness like “contrived-compassion” and “coerced-collectivism” get understood and exposed. We will learn more about this later but both are means of control or what’s called the Orwellian modus operandi of all corrupt religion, government, and certainly those individuals on earth with a sinister agenda.

The consequences of selfishness

Fact: Selfishness is the cause of all the world’s despair. (pg. 51)

Does every human spirit long to be free? Answer: Of course. If not, show us just one that does not, and we’ll make them our slave. If this one all-important axiom were to be universally accepted as fact, and it is a self-evident fact, then selfishness can be named and exposed.

By using “freedom” as the litmus test, an entire new understanding of the world, and its countless idiosyncrasies, can be pieced together like a million-piece jigsaw puzzle exposing right (selflessness) from wrong (selfishness) with every piece. In doing so, selfishness or “the manifestation of evil on planet earth”, can be identified, exposed, and its willing accomplices held accountable.

When the answers that confirm truth about selfishness are revealed, we will learn that it’s not the individual paradigms of unwitting WILFs that are the culprit, it’s much more so the Orwellian manipulation of those susceptible simple-minds by evil power brokers who wield the power that are to blame. That selfish manipulation can be stopped. But only with truth. By simply finding answers that confirm truth about selfishness, we can free the WILFs from evil manipulation, and improve the lives of millions. 


Fact: American liberalism is the pinnacle of selfishness (pg. 161)

Most people mistakenly think liberalism is a benevolent political term because that’s the context in which it is most used. That conclusion is diametrically wrong for very compelling reasons.

  • First, term “politics” is not limited to just the directions of governments. It is better defined as the discussion of “how our country, civilization, or world will unfold”. When a WILF claims that they don’t like to discuss politics, they are in essence claiming they don’t like to discuss how our world unfolds. That’s not only ignorant, but it can also be dangerous to humanity.
  • Second, liberalism goes way beyond the perceived definition of the term. Most perceive it to be an ideology of altruism, compassion, and concern for things like the poor and the environment. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually an Orwellian doublespeak term for government control of our lives. It means that government is the solution, rather than the problem, and that government, any government, has the interest of the people ahead of their own power. Of course, history since the age of man has proven that wrong.

The Dictator, Communist, Socialist, and most important American Liberalism are where true evil selfishness manifests itself on planet earth. Those that support these selfish forms of government are all WILFs and truly doing the work of the enemy. American liberalism is the greatest culprit. It is the most egregious form of selfishness because they don’t usurp our freedom, they steal it with deception.

These are the most common Orwellian tactics used thy these insanely selfish governments, religions, and complicit people.

  • Contrived-compassion – This tactic does nothing but empower the political class. They claim to care and create fairness when that desired fairness only destroys the initiative, opportunity, and prosperity of the society as a whole.
  • Coerced-Collectivism – This tactic also does nothing but empower the political class. The conscious-soul longs to be free. Only the political class is free. The rest are enslaved to a life of average.
  • Superficial-Security – This tactic of course does nothing but empower the political class. Anyone who trades their freedom for security will have neither. Human beings around the world have been bamboozled into giving power to the selfish with the false pretense of security.
  • Create WILFs – This most sinister tactic does nothing but empower the political class. This is the dumbing down of people. It’s an orchestrated attempt to keep power by feeding the people propaganda that supports the cause of relinquishing control. Truth be told, anyone can propose more government as the solution. A government solution only requires the retardation of society. There is zero intellect required and that’s why it is selfish and evil.
Fact: Certain parts of understanding are much more important than others. (pg. 13)

There are fundamental questions in life that must be answered, or answers to questions that must be established first before anything else has any meaning at all. Does the color of the cloths matter is you have no cloths? Of course not. As simple as that might seem, answering life’s most important questions is something to which most of us have never attempted, or at least we’ve never concluded. That is, we think about them momentarily but never genuinely think it through to where we’ve concluded we are certain in what we believe.

Let’s try it. Think about what we understand to this point in our lives and then take consider how we might answer some of the life’s most perplexing questions. Notice, these are some of the questions have stymied the most brilliant human minds for centuries, yet the answers are quite simple, once you have the facts. Here’s a few of humanity’s most perplexing questions.

  • The Creator – Is there a God? Was Einstein correct in stating; “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle”?  If one is right, is the other irrefutably wrong?
  • All Powerful – If there is a God, is He omnipotent? Or, are there forces, like evil, that cannot be controlled? If God can control evil, why is it permitted?
  • Love – If God is omnipotent, is God one of unconditional love and forgiveness or is He vindictive as the Old Testament bible might suggest?  How can a benevolent God be indifferent to so much pain, suffering, and despair on earth?
  • Consequences – If God is of unconditional love and forgiveness, is there a hell? If so, why? How can an unconditional loving Creator send someone to hell? Who are the evil people on earth that would go to hell? On what criteria are we judged?
  • Our Reality – If there is a spiritual realm of heaven and hell, is it one or the other or some sort of blurred in between? If it is one or the other? If so, is the earth in heaven or hell and how does that affect our human lives?

As you read on, the facts, or “answers that confirm truth about selfishness” satisfy all of these questions. And that “confirmed truth” will positively affect the lives of human beings on planet earth to better understand the innate purpose and meaning of our lives. Again, the facts isolate and answer only the most important questions in life. Questions pondered for centuries by some of the most brilliant minds in the world. With this book in your hands, we shall find answers to questions that solve the puzzle of life through a new simplified understanding of how selfishness affects our lives.

As noted earlier, it will be simple but profound. The facts will read like an irreverent scripture of truth because each question leads us to a new life-defining understanding that explains the inexpiable. And that will allow you, the reader, to not only become a beacon of knowledge and stability within your own individual perception of reality, but even more so for all the other lucky human beings who encounter you.

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.” ― Buddha

Buddha is correct. But we already knew that.

Fact: Logic dictates that “miracle or not” must be answered first (pg. 19)

So, the late great Albert Einstein once proclaimed to humanity…

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

This is a simple question that has stumped human beings for centuries. Still today it’s surprising how many people don’t know what to answer, or even what they believe. Is there God or not? Is there proof one way or the other?

As we explore this “miracle or not” premise, a premise that’s arguably the most fascinating of Einstein’s multitude of contributions to the understanding of humanity, the most profound aspect of his proclamation is the most overlooked. It’s that he said, “ways to live your life”. He didn’t say “the universe presents two perspectives” or “science has two options”, he said “two ways to live your life”.

Can our beliefs actually affect the way our life unfolds?

Absolutely. Einstein is concluding that our lives are “lived” differently depending on which assumption we hold to be true. This difference in our lives occurs because our thoughts and beliefs create our “individual perception of reality” and that in turn affects our life’s experiences. And of course, our individual perception of reality is, without any doubt, the only true reality in which our lives unfold. So, the most overlooked part of Einstein’s all-important proclamation is arguably the most profound. Our beliefs can and will affect the reality in which we shall exist and live our lives.

Now, we are going to explore both sides of Einstein’s proclamation in detail so that you, the reader, can make this all-important decision correctly.

Here it is again….

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle (No Creator, just happenstance). The other is as though everything is a miracle (Creator, Intelligent design).” – Albert Einstein.

Think about Einstein’s claim. Really think about it. Now think about it again. Which universe design do you believe is correct? God or no God? The entire rest of your life depends on this decision. We say that your life depends on it with complete certainty because as we now understand, we create our own realities. So, depending on the conclusion that’s drawn at this moment, your life ten years from now will be a billion times different than it would have been with a different decision today.

This one-or-the-other proposition by Albert Einstein is what we call decision #1. This is the first, and most important, decision we need to make because the rest of our individual perception of reality invariably starts from our answer to this most relevant question.

Note: We actually have three ways that we can answer this question but really only one of these answers can be true. The third way to answer it is that Einstein is wrong. This means only part of life is a miracle. Ridiculous? Of course. It requires no further thought. Einstein is right, there’s only two options and we must decide.

Which answer do you believe is true?

  • Miracle – There is a Creator, and everything is a miracle. This means that those who disagree, or whose individual perceptions of reality are contrary to this miracle assumption, are living with a decidedly false perception of reality. This means that millions of people including brilliant people like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and the embarrassing comedian Bill Maher are wrong. They are not right, they are wrong. Their individual perception of reality is fatally flawed. They are WILFs.
  • Not a Miracle – It is a self-evident truth that there is not Creator, and everything is basically by happenstance. This means that those who disagree, or whose individual perceptions of reality are contrary to this “not a miracle” assumption, are living with a decidedly false perception of reality. This means that millions of pastors and believer across the planet are wrong. They are not right, they are wrong. They are WILFs.

This dichotomy forces us to set the foundation in building our individual perception of reality. If it’s true that indeed everything is a miracle, then those that deny that truth have foundation of reality that is faulty or delusional. And if indeed everything is NOT a miracle, then those of us that deny this truth are living in a reality we’ve constructed out of faulty wishful thinking.

Again, Einstein can’t be wrong in this one because option three is preposterous. Is there Creator or not? Sorry Agnostics, “I don’t know” doesn’t work. That answer in itself is a faulty premise for constructing our individual perception of reality because one of the other two must be correct.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi believes there is a Creator, and so do most of the people on this planet. And if he’s correct, that everything is indeed a miracle, then all the evidence in all of the perceivable world would support that conclusion. In other words, everything, and we mean everything, proves everything is a miracle. And those that don’t believe it, are wrong.

Now let’s look at the other side…