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Have you finished reading the Top Ten FACTS?

They’re the litmus test between ignorant and informed.


Litmus Test: Join the free world?

FACT #1 is all that’s required to begin ascension into the frequencies of truth and the free world.

FACT #1 – We are alive and free

Freedom vs. Control – . “We are alive and free. There is an ineffable Source, or intelligent design, or a Creator by which human beings are given FREEDOM, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Life is a proven miracle, and all human beings deserve to be free. The Bible, or any other written word, is irrelevant in this matter because all evidence conceivable to mankind already supports this conclusion, period. To deny this self-evident truth is not only selfish, but it’s a proven dangerous, if not demonic, imposition on the individual liberties of others. Today, FACT #1 is gravely under attack by a false narrative that claims ”there is no great cosmic drama, or some great cosmic plan that we have a role to play in it”. This false claim (deception) has been proven wrong for anyone willing to think. It’s intentional Orwellian deception put forth by dangerously selfish human beings with corrupt ulterior motives. Today on planet Earth, this pure, unadulterated deception is spearheaded by a dangerous deep-state government pawn named Dr. Yuval Noah Harari.” 

(Ineffable: too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.)

We must understand FACT #1 to enter the Free World (frequencies of truth). There is zero obligation, it’s a choice we are forced to make. We choose freedom or control, period. There is no middle ground, it’s freedom or control. Those that support control will do so for one of these reasons.

Dangerous human beings – These people can still be lovable, but they’re thought process is a clear and present danger to freedom around the world.

    1. Willfully Ignorant (WILF) – We refuse to be held accountable for our own ignorance.
    2. Censored – We understand but are intimidated by control.
    3. Complicit or Corrupt – We have selfish motives to support control.

FACT #1 is one of creation’s dichotomies that forces the decision between freedom and control.

(Dichotomy:  a division or contrast between two things.)

Litmus Test: Ignorant or informed?

FACTS #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10 establish the threshold between ignorant and informed.

FACT #2: We (deserve to be) must be free from coercion or control

Light vs. Darkness – “All conscious souls, living lucid dreams on planet Earth, deserve to be free of control, especially coerced control. All of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re just the patriarch of a family to the leader of the world, we cannot control, it’s wrong. To deny, or ignore, this self-evident truth is not only selfish, the manifestation of evil on planet Earth, but it also makes this human being and their ideology, or beliefs, a danger to freedom on planet Earth.”

FACT #3: We are a conscious soul

Awakened vs Sleepwalking – “All spiritual energy, life, is intelligent. Spiritual energy itself is that intelligence, and it originates from a benevolent, not vindictive, ineffable Source, the Creator. Spiritual energy commands or controls the physical world. Too many individual conscious souls, and humanity as a whole, has become dangerously misguided and preoccupied with our physicality, or the physical manifestation of our lives, this is wrong. This life is but a nanosecond designed for difficulty and learning, so what’s proven most important is our spiritual realizations, i.e. the decisions we make in life. 

The human conscious soul is our own individual, yet dependent, spiritual energy that we use to create our lucid dream on planet Earth. In doing so, our conscious soul is continuously switching frequencies from love to fear based on the decisions we make.”

FACT #5: We will die, we will live. 

Destitution vs Contribution – “When we will die, we will live. Our conscious soul, or our intelligence, was in existence before we were born as a human being, and it will be alive, or intelligent, after our human life is over. All life is eternal. It’s proven that our conscious-soul made a contract or agreement for what we should expect here on planet Earth, that’s proven. We also have free will, so we “choose” to break our agreement through our own volition, that’s also proven. All human lives require meaning and purpose, without it we’re lost. 

At the moment of your death, you individually, or your own conscious soul, will inevitably be forced to evaluate your own deeds on this planet, your own self-growth, and whether or not you delivered on your agreement with the Source.”

When we die, the limitations of our human thinking cease and our conscious soul remembers once again, the intelligence that was already understood before this human life.”

FACT #4: We live a lucid dream

Constructive vs Destructive – “Our human body is physical energy, our conscious soul is spiritual energy. Our conscious soul will continue thinking after we die, and our human body will hopefully be of value to someone else. One’s trash is another’s treasure. After human death, our used body becomes a treasure trove of usable parts cherished by those still alive but in need on Earth. 

Life is an illusion. Solids are not solids, they’re illusions of solids, Earth itself is an illusion. The combination of gravity and matter give conscious souls the illusion of a planet to which we can navigate our lucid dreams, and to the greater extent, control them.”

FACT #6: We must abide by conditions

Right vs. Wrong – “All human beings are conscious souls, or spiritual energy, living lucid dreams, within the physical energy, on planet Earth and are bound by creation’s dichotomies. These dichotomies establish right and wrong in our universe. All human decisions, all decisions will take that conscious soul into either the frequencies of light, or the darkness. The most important dichotomies are:

    • Humility vs. Selfishness
    • Freedom vs. Control
    • Right vs. Wrong
    • Good vs. Evil.

This is called “free choice” on planet Earth.”

FACT #7: We create with volition

Truth vs Deception – “The conscious soul has the unique ability, its own volition, to use words, terms, and a narrative, to create and manage a lucid dream on Earth. This is what separates the human being from other species on the planet. Through our own human volition, words, terms, and the narrative are used for truth or deception. Truth is the most powerful weapon in all existence, there is no greater concern for deception on Earth.”

FACT #8 We must recognize selfish desire for control

Freedom vs. Control (Discrimination vs Tolerance?)“There is no one reality, there’s only our individual perception of reality, or our own perception of the spiritual and physical energy that we’ve each individually encountered to that point in our lives. So, selfishness is simply demanding that other’s conform to our own perception of reality, or control, humility is the opposite, joy is received through giving, or freedom. Those who seek more control, rather than more freedom, are also selfish, wrong, and evil.”

FACT #9 We can escape ignorance

Subjective vs. Self-evident Truth – “Positioned above the opinions and beliefs of all fallible human beings, and above the blanket of deception encompassing planet Earth, there are the frequencies of self-evident truth, that can be reached by any thinking human being. These frequencies of self-evident truth supersede, and or negate, all subjective human truth in the frequencies of confusion below. These frequencies of self-evident truth can undoubtedly be reached, and understood, through our own volition, but first one must escape the sea of ignorance.”

FACT #10: We are not equal, we are unique

Equality vs. Individualism – “All conscious souls are created NOT equal, but unique by design of a benevolent Source, and thus all are entitled to the Source’s bestowed unalienable rights. Those rights that do not include equality. Equality is a sinister plot for control, by the selfish, and the intention is not fairness, but domination. All cries for equality are cries for control, evil control.”