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Group Overview

  • FACT – Liberalism is a diabolical delusion that can only be eliminated by truth.

  • FACT – There is no other thought process known to man that has caused greater despair.

  • FACT – Based in deception, the liberal misguided notion of victim-hood robs all unwitting of life’s divine peace.


Know of anyone Ready for a change?

Life is short

Why wait? By simply changing your mind with The Facts, your life will soon follow.

It's different

Why not try something new and innovative? It cost you nothing to learn more about The Facts.

Just Try it

Just try The Facts. If it doesn’t completely change your mind and your life, nothing lost.

“Liberalism is a selfish Orwellian delusion that has destroyed the lives of billions. False liberal inexorable beliefs are the root cause of all the pain and suffering in the world, and that includes yours.” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS