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“If changing your mind to bring about a better life is the goal, The FACTS is the most practical book ever written. Period” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS


This book should be titled “The most plausible theory of everything in existence” because in reading and understand the facts, you will easily recognize that the “most plausible explanation” of everything you perceive as a human being comes into clear focus.” Bill Stevens, Book Editor – St. Paul MN

You opened my eyes to different ways of looking at things – I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.” Carrie Gauthier, Book Editor – Seattle WA

Talk about “Spilling the beans about God!” Isn’t the topic of God supposed to be a mystery? We are just to have opinions about God, not facts. Right? However, as you read the facts, you will immediately recognize that the mystery about God has been revealed. Everything from the bible to different religions is clearly explained with sensible probability that cannot be refuted. The mystery of God’s purpose and intent have been revealed.Bob Mathiston, Book Editor – Green Bay WI

It’s simply “The most important and practical book ever written”. There is no other book in publication that is more impactful to a human life than the facts. It cuts to the heart of our very existence, its meaning and purpose, and does so with little ambiguity. No book in the history of the world, with maybe the exception of the bible, will change more lives for the better than the facts.” Ryley Johnston, Book Editor, Tampa FL