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Videos: Can you handle the truth?

FACT #1 – Are American liberals are the most selfish human beings on planet earth?
FACT #2 – Is there a right and wrong in politics?
FACT #3 – Should we discriminate against selfish liberals?
FACT #4 – Should we use the term “retarded” to describe American liberals?
FACT #5 – Is liberalism a demonic cult making all American liberals evil?
FACT #6 – Are all American liberals ignorant, selfish, or corrupt?
FACT #7 – Are selfish American liberals the true racists?
FACT #8 – Are selfish American liberals worse than pedophiles?
FACT #9 – Who’s more demonic, the Nazis, the Communist, or the Democrat and Republican American deep-state?
FACT #10 – What is an American liberal and why are they so dangerous?
FACT #11 – (Banned by YouTube/Google) – Are American liberals too selfish to admit the COVID19 pandemic scare was a ploy to defeat Trump?….html?mref=hzo8v&mc=2ut2z

FACT #12 – Is Donald Trump a prophet?
FACT #13 – Did Rush Limbaugh prove that the liberal ideology is demonic and all American liberals are selfish?
FACT #14 – Are ALL liberals selfish WILFS?
FACT #15 – Will selfish liberals ever understand the perils of their own ideology?
FACT #16 – Is Bruce Springsteen more selfish than Jon Stewart?