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Weight Loss

Group Overview

  • FACT – Weight loss has nothing to do with the food we eat. It’s all in the mind.

  • FACT – Truth be told, we are rarely hungry. Immediate gratification is the problem.

  • FACT – Our human body is simply a physical means of transportation that can be molded into a minivan or a Mercedes.


Know of anyone Ready for a change?

Life is short

Why wait? By simply changing your mind with The Facts, your life will soon follow.

It's different

Why not try something new and innovative? It cost you nothing to learn more about The Facts.

Just Try it

Just try The Facts. If it doesn’t completely change your mind and your life, nothing lost.

“Weight loss is the most difficult task a human being can endure. It’s not as painful as breaking an addiction, but it requires more discipline and sacrifice. Success or failure is 100% determined by our mind, not the food we eat. Change your mind, change your life” – Matt Tronnier, Author The FACTS